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Steadman Home Improvement specializes in a multitude of different flooring installs; tile, carpet, hardwood, laminate, and bamboo.


Because, while known for it's durability, it also comes in different colors, shapes, and sizes. There is even tile that is made to look like hardwood!

Most people think that tile only belongs in certain rooms, however, tile can be placed pretty much anywhere! Check out this tile back splash in a kitchen we completed!

Tile flooring has become the newest addition in many homeowner's homes! Water resistance, easy maintenance and price, to name a few, are reasons why our customers are installing tile flooring. 





Not only does carpet bring a feeling of warmth to a room, it's also soft! Some people prefer to have their bare feet on a plush, soft carpet rather than the hardwood floors. 

In addition, carpet can be easier on the wallet than some other flooring choices. There are many affordable and stylish carpet styles out there that would really top off your finished room!

Why would I choose carpet over hardwoods?