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Steadman Home Improvement offers three types of deck services; refinish, repair, and re-install. 


Why are the benefits to refinishing my deck?

The answer is simple - there are many! Not only would a refinished deck look beautiful; it may also increase the value of your home and make the property even more appealing to potential buyers!

What does the process look like?

  • Inspection

  • Cleaning of the current deck

  • Power washing

  • Sanding

  • Staining and sealing


Natural aging of your deck is normal and sometimes pieces need to be repaired - that's okay! 

Steadman Home Improvement will assess the damage and figure out what is needed to ensure your deck is good as new. Our attention to detail will aid in making sure the repair is as seamless as can be!


Ready for a new start? Looking to install a completely new layout? 

Steadman Home Improvement specializes in installing your ideal deck. We will map out the design with you, ensuring that you are completely satisfied! And our company uses only high quality materials for building to maximize the life of the deck.